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Unfeathered Notes

Where Angels are Unfeathered

27 November 1972
I have a wonderful husband and a beautiful son, born on Christmas Day 2005. And two gorgeous young ginger cats rescued from a shelter in April 2012.

I write. I have always written stories, ever since I can remember, but it was always original fiction until 2007 when I finally branched out into fanfic. Most of it is Doctor Who and Torchwood, because that's the fandom I'm active in right now, but there is some Buffy and Angel stuff too (and crossovers between that and Doctor Who) because Buffy was my original fandom and I actually know it a lot better than I do Doctor Who.

All my fic can be found in my fic journal, unfeatheredfics, which contains master lists (with links) of all my fics and all my new fics will be posted there.

I also sing, dance and act. I work part-time as a typist, and the rest of the time I look after my son, Jack.

Oh, and I also role-play, over at Out of Time.

I'm a busy little bee.


I do, of course, always love it when someone friends me – but I do get a little spooked when someone friends me completely out of the blue without ever commenting on anything. If you're friending me because you like my fic, then please tell me! Because like most authors, I really do love to know what people think, or even just that they've read and liked what I've written. (And if you're friending me for some other reason without ever having commented, I'd really like to know why! *g*)

PLEASE NOTE that virtually all of my 'real life' posts are f-locked, mainly because a lot of them are about my son and/or husband and I don't really want that 'loose' on the Internet. And if you friend me without us having talked, I'm really not likely to friend you back until we have talked, so you won't be able to see these posts. Just so you know.


I love betaing other people's fics. I usually offer a free typo-spotting service every time I even read a fic, because I can't help spotting the darn things. So if you're on the look-out for a beta, especially for the grammar/spelling/punctuation side of things, please feel free to ask me, either in comments somewhere or via email (unfeathered72 @ gmail.com). The only reasons I'll normally say no are if I don't feel I know the fandom well enough (though I'll still do grammar beta if you want) or if I'm simply too busy. But if your fic is fairly short, I can normally fit that in.